I have a lettings / estate agent already, am I obliged to use them for managing my property?

Unless you have signed a contract with your lettings agent that includes Property Management you are not obliged to use them for managing your property.

Why do I need Property Management services?

Managing your property can be time-consuming, particularly when there are repair or maintenance issues. Many tenants specifically look for managed properties as they expect a quick, professional service. Using Property Management services can therefore give you an advantage over landlords who manage their properties themselves.

A well-managed property may also increase the chance of tenants extending their tenancies which in turn can reduce void periods. By appointing us, landlords also benefit in having a useful intermediary in case of any property issues or disagreements.

How do I start using Life’s 2 Short?

Please email or call us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements. We always prefer to visit your property if possible and there is no charge for this. If you need urgent assistance please let us know.

How quickly will you respond to property maintenance issues?

For urgent issues we will respond to emails and calls immediately. For less urgent issues we will respond within 24hrs. Our office hours are 9am-6pm Monday to Friday. We offer a 24/7 service for property emergencies.

Do you offer a lettings service?

We do not currently offer a standard lettings service but we would be happy to discuss your requirements.

Do you manage building and refurbishment works?

Yes, we are able to manage building and refurbishment works on your behalf. This service is not included as part of our standard annual Property Management service. Please contact us for further details.

Do you offer a 24/7 service?

Yes, we offer a 24/7 service. This is for genuine property emergencies only. We will be happy to respond to all other issues during office hours which are 9am-6pm.

Do you offer a key-holding service?

Yes, we offer a key-holding service, your keys will be coded and held securely.

Do you offer Property Management services to lettings agents?

Yes, we are able to provide Property Management services to lettings agents that do not offer this service to their clients.

Do you offer Property Management services to all property owners?

The majority of our clients are private landlords but we also manage properties for freehold companies.
We are able to offer block management services.

Do you offer Property Management services for vacant properties?

Yes we offer a service for vacant properties. We are able to make regular visits to your property, deal with maintenance issues and pay any bills on your behalf. You can decide how often we visit your property (e.g. once every fortnight, every month, every two months). Please contact us for further information.

Is there a printable version of the website?

A printable version of our website is available here.


How does your pricing work?

We offer a fixed price service based on the size of your property, irrespective of location. Our annual fees start at £750+VAT for a one-bedroom property and £1250+VAT for a two-bedroom property.

How do I pay for your service?

If you decide to use our Property Management service our fees are due when your contract begins. We welcome payment by bank transfer or debit / credit card.

Do you add a 10% ‘administration’ charge on top of maintenance costs, like most agents?

No, we do not add an administration charge to repair and maintenance costs. For example, if a gas engineer charges £90+VAT for a Gas Safety Certificate that is how much you will pay.