Lost in translation

Effective communication is something that’s very important to us at Life’s 2 Short. Many of our new clients have experienced lacklustre service and poor communication with their previous agents and, hopefully, we change that experience for them.
Good communication skills are something many of us claim to have. Yet despite the numerous ways to communicate with each other, effective communication can still remain elusive.
The ease with which we’re able to fire out a message often hampers the content of the message itself. We send incomplete information and a series of subsequent messages back and forth is then required. Or the tone of a message can be misunderstood and further explanation and clarification is needed. It’s so easy to hit that send button before we re-read the things we’ve written. Bigger faux pas are easily committed when messages are sent to the wrong people.
At Life’s 2 Short good, effective communication is at the centre of everything we do. We recognise the importance of our relationships with landlords and tenants and we always strive to get our communication right on every occasion. We offer a single point of contact so messages aren’t lost and don’t need to be repeated. Our landlords repeatedly tell us that having just one person to deal with makes a huge difference to them.
We’ll also consider how our landlords and tenants want to communicate with us. Many landlords don’t want to be disturbed by phone during the day and some prefer not to use email at work. We’ll communicate with you however you’d like us to (email, SMS, phone).
We know that it’s remarkably easy for things to get lost in translation unless we’re making an effort to communicate effectively every time.