Overseas landlords

London property prices are never far from the front page. Despite uncertainty following Brexit and previous increases in stamp duty the London property market is still widely regarded as a ‘safe haven’ and international buyers continue to account for nearly 50% of the prime London residential market. Most commentators expect this flow of international investment to continue.
Life’s 2 Short welcomes clients from across the world. Our team has worked with overseas home owners for many years and we’re happy to make special arrangements to accommodate time zone differences if clients don’t live in the UK.
As well as non-UK residents investing in London property we have a number of UK clients who are based overseas, often due to work relocation. Typically based in other international hubs (Singapore, Paris, New York, Hong Kong) we are happy to manage your properties across London whatever your requirements.
We ensure we look after our overseas clients regardless of where you’re based. We offer flexible, prompt communication and you will have one point of contact. We have close working relationships with a small number of businesses and tradesmen so when you need a plumber or electrician you can rest assured we’re using reliable and trusted people.
Our strength lies not only in our management and experience, but also with these trustworthy businesses who provide the reliable maintenance services that our clients demand.
If you’re an overseas landlord or home-owner we’d like to know the biggest issues you face. Please get in touch to see how we can resolve these issues for you.